The Last Parsec: Orion's Ghosts

Unwanted Guests

Episode 4 (Season 3)

Omariss System,
Omariss III,
Day 217, 50th Year, 3rd NER

Garett Sloane, Team Leader for the expedition to capture an Omariss Death Worm on Omariss III found himself facing off against a Saltarian light tank and several Saltarian soldiers after he and his crew came upon a recently crashed Saltarian cruiser. Inside, they found a data chip locked inside a metal box bolted to the cockpit’s floor and rigged with explosives.

They also found a weapons’ locker filled with various Saltarian weapons.

After finding the necessary materials to repair the Centurion and safely retrieving the data chip, Sloane led the others in a battle against the Saltarian tank and soldiers.

Under cover of smoke grenades, the crew of the Odyssey defeated the Saltarian forces killing every soldier and forcing the tank to retreat with its commander back into the desert.

Working together to carry the heavily damaged TPK-2000, the crew quickly made their way back to the Centurion. After Dr. Randy “Rad” Adam Daniels repaired the APC, they traveled the 150 miles back to the Odyssey.

As soon as they reached the ship hours later, a tremendous explosion was heard in the direction they had come from. The Saltarian battleship had launched an orbital strike from space which destroyed the cruiser and everything within a half-mile radius of it.

With the Omariss Death Worm safely aboard, along with the data chip which the crew discovered contained detailed plans for a Saltarian invasion of the Omariss system, the Odyssey and her crew jumped into hyperspace and headed back to Harmonia station in the Hyaergos system.


Garett Sloane

Eugene “Ram” Ramsey

Professor Albert Mars


Dr. Randy “Rad” Adam Daniels

Dr. Pamela Eckland




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