The Last Parsec: Orion's Ghosts

Episode 2 (Season 1: Extinction Event)

Tiamat System,
Moorland Station, Planet Leviathan,
Day 45, 49th Year, 3rd NER

After a few weeks of training, the group was considered ready for more challenging mission.

First, the team was given Moorland as its initial base of operations, with responsibilities covering not only Borea, but also Lower Vesta.

While on Moorland, the team was sent to verify if a research team conducting a geological survey along the Fall was okay. The research team was being coordinated by Dr. Till Markham and had not been heard from for several days.

When the team contacted Dr. Markham, he said the research team was made up of students from various institutions of higher learning located throughout the Known Worlds, who were collaborating on a study of Leviathan’s geology. For the researchers, the Fall presented an excellent opportunity to study a cross section of the planet’s rock strata without the need for extensive drilling.

Dr. Marhkam was concerned since the researchers usually checked in every two to three days, sending status reports and personal messages to their respective home worlds. Supply runs were scheduled and the last one—some five days ago—indicated everything was fine.

Hours after taking off from Moorland, the Jumpsec Team, now led by Garett Sloane, arrived at the research site.

Garrett piloted the hopper which he circled around the site to get a better look at what may have happened.

From the air, it was clear that something had gone terribly wrong. The team spotted tents and other portable structures all torn, equipment scattered about the site, and a few bodies lying dead in the open.

When the team landed, the team found more evidence that the site had fallen victim to an attack of some sort. Laser burns were visible on some of the temporary shelters, and the word, “NO” was painted on the few intact walls which remained.

A small number of anklebiters were scavenging off of the researchers’ remains, but a few shots from the team sent them running away.

Zeebo checked the bodies and said that they had been killed by laser, while a few were killed with the use of a machete.

Mysteriously, some of bodies appeared to have sustained damage as if from a great height. However, Zeebo said the damage was post-mortem.

Chastity and Takota both noticed a set of prints that seemed to have frequented the area during the last few days.

When the team was about to follow tracks, a voice from somewhere nearby suddenly yelled, “Look out!”.

Suddenly, from up above the cliffs, five Drakes—vicious flying lacerauns—dove down upon the team.

During the fight, Chastity was hurt pretty badly, but the group managed to kill off all of the Drakes.

When they went to investigate where the sound had come from, they were surprised to see a young woman emerge from the nearby jungle. She was dressed in a jumpsuit similar to those worn by the dead researchers. Although a little worse for wear, the woman appeared uninjured.

She identified herself as Kerr Langstrom, grad student from the Phoenix Institute for Interplanetary Studies working on her doctoral thesis in plate tectonics.

She told the team about how a hopper landed at their site four days before. They thought it was an unscheduled supply flight, but then a gang of armed men poured off. The just started shooting as soon as they got on the ground.

Kerr managed to hide before she was spotted. The armed men tore the site apart, burned all of their field notes, pulled the drives from the the computers and smashed them. The men also painted “NO DEFILERS” all around the camp before leaving.

Kerr broke down, not understanding who would do such a thing to a peaceful team of researchers. She went on to explain that she hid out hoping to be found by a supply flight or rescue party. The drakes arrived a day or so ago. They were drawn by her friends’ bodies and had gotten one or two, but had dropped some from a great height.

Langstrom was ecstatic to be rescued, and even took a liking to Garrett. She told the team she was going to remain on Leviathan to continue her studies.

Garrett offered to come visit her in Ralston as soon as he could.

When the team returned to Moorland, Jumpsec was very interested in the rangers’ report, as their findings was evidence that the Natural Order had expanded its operation on Leviathan. Until now, JumpSec had assumed the terrorists were likely only active in the vicinity of Ralston.

In fact, the chain of command had begun to hope the organization had exhausted itself in the original attack on the capital a few weeks prior. Now, JumpSec feared the situation was far worse than suspected.

JumpCorp Team

Chastity Summers

Garett Sloane

Takota Mundi

Zeebo Thorn

It's Not Just a Job
Episode 1 (Season 1: Extinction Event)

Tiamat System,
Ralston, Planet Leviathan,
Day 29, 49th Year, 3rd NER

A JumpCorp spacecraft brought the new trainees to Ralston on the planet Leviathan.

As it entered the planet’s atmosphere, the spacecraft approached from the south, coming in over a calm, blue sea. Ralston sat on the shore, and waves rolled gently against a white
sandy beach crisscrossed by wooden boardwalks. A few piers extended a hundred or so yards out, with some dedicated to fishing and water watching, while others sport various amusement rides, restaurants, and other attractions.

Beyond the beach, modern luxury hotels reached 30 or more stories into the sky. Each was unique in its architecture, but all weere adorned with bright lights, competing for the eye’s attention.

As the ship passed overhead, the number of restaurants,trid cinemas, casinos, and live theaters were virtually uncountable.

When the trainees landed, they were transported by bus to JumpSec Alpha Station in Ralston where they were assigned to their barracks. However, before leaving the spaceport, Takota noticed a group of about four or five individuals with protest signs near the main entrance to the facility.

When asked about them, the bus driver (Jonsson) said they were, “a bunch that calls themselves the Natural Order. They’re apparently some ecofreaks who shelled out the creds to purchase a ticket here just to complain. Bunch of nuts if you ask me”, he added.

About a week into their training, the trainees’ evening was suddenly disturbed when a series of loud booms went off almost simultaneously around the city. The lights in the barracks flickered, dimmed, then went out briefly before emergency lights kicked in. Their commanding officer (Cpt. Matthews) ordered the trainees to meet at the station’s main plaza. There, they were told that preliminary damage assessment indicated the static repeller fence had been breached in several areas. Simultaneously, the primary power station suffered a catastrophic failure. Furthermore, they were receiving scattered reports of laceraun incursions in the outskirts of the city.

The group’s training leader ordered the rangers-in-training to investigate a report about a pack of maulers that had trapped about a dozen civilians in a restaurant along the main drag. Their primary goal is to prevent the predators from harming any of the civilians.

Once they reached the restaurant, the trainees saw several maulers attacking the restaurant, desperately trying to break through the front glass door and windows to get at the people inside. The group went to work and killed every mauler without getting hurt and without a civilian casualty.

After returning to base, the trainees were again dispatched. This time, they were sent to deal with a terrified behemoth reported to be rampaging through downtown Ralston. JumpSec would rather they didn’t kill the laceraun, as that’s a lot of dead meat to move out of town, but since the behemoth was making its way dangerously close to a large populated part of town.

When the group arrived downtown, Garrett Sloane used his persuasive skills he honed on his homeworld to convince the crowd of people to keep moving lest they find themselves face to face with a rampaging behemoth. After several intense moments, the trainees were able to safely move the people out of harm’s way.

Once again, the team proved highly effective in dealing with any challenge they were faced with!

With the people safely evacuated to the base, the group was once again dispatched on a mission. They were sent to repair a section of repeller fence that went offline. Without the fence, it would only be a matter of time before a laceraun found its way into Ralston.

When the group arrived to make the repairs, they were ambushed by several terrorists calling themselves The Natural Order.

A tense firefight and close-combat ensued, but in the end all but two of the terrorists were slain.

When the fight was over, the group finished repairing the fence then made their way back to base to get some much needed rest.

To be continued…

JumpSec Rangers-in-Training

Chastity Summers

Garett Sloane

Takota Mundi

Zeebo Thorn


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