The Last Parsec: Orion's Ghosts

The Omariss Death Worm

Episode 3 (Season 3)

Omariss System,
Omariss III,
Day 217, 50th Year, 3rd NER

Garett Sloane, former JumpSec captain, was awarded the Iridium Supernova, the highest award given to a JumpCorp team member who performed above his or her contracted duty at great personal risk and saved many other lives in the process.

In a ceremony on Harmonia station, he was honored for his exemplary service and heroism on the planet Leviathan. Along with his JumpSec team members, he helped saved countless lives when an alien virus and eco terrorists threatened to destroy the entire planet.

JumpCorp Marshal K’Gaed Kaine also publicly promoted Garett Sloane to the rank of Team Leader and will from here on serve in JumpCorp’s famous Exploration Division.

After the ceremony, Sloane was taken aboard the Odyssey to meet his crew.

He was also introduced to Professor Albert Mars who had enlisted the aid of JumpCorp in capturing a live Omariss Death Worm, a large worm only found on Omariss III. Content Not Found: sgt-eugene-ram-ramsey of the United Colony of Planets (UCP) would be accompanying the professor to ensure his safety and the mission’s success.

Once aboard the Odyssey, Sloane had only a few days to get to know his crew just as they arrived in the Omariss system.

Upon arriving, the ship’s sensors picked up a Saltarian battleship near Omariss IV. Their scanners indicated the ship had apparently been in the system for a few days at most.

Sloane thought it best to avoid the battleship, despite the crew’s feelings regarding the Saltarians. It seemed that, Buzz Sawyer, the prior captain of the Odyssey was killed when the crew of the Odyssey came upon a derelict ship in space near the Canopan system.

Once the Odyssey had landed, the crew traveled aboard a Centurion All Purpose Carrier (APC) and covered over 150 miles before a major electrical malfunction nearly caused the Centurion to lose control, if it weren’t for Sloane’s driving skill.

Dr. Randy “Rad” Adam Daniels offered to repair the damaged APC provided they found parts he could use. He added that before the crash, sensor indicated the presence of a large chunk of metal about a half-mile from their current location.

Professor Albert Mars exclaimed that his sensors indicated the presence of a few Death Worms within 100 yards of the Centurion.

Sloane had everything exit the damaged APC and made preparations to capture a live Death Worm.

Soon, a worm burst out of the sand nearby.

Using neuro stun guns the professor had supplied, the crew was eventually able to capture a living Death Worm.

With the Death Worm safely contained in a custom-built cage inside the Centurion, the crew decided to make their way to where the sensors indicated the large chunk of metal lay. They hoped it may be a ship of some kind.

If so, it may be able to help them or at the very least, they could salvage some needed parts to repair the damaged APC.

When they were near enough to see it, the crew told Sloane the large chunk of metal the sensor found was in fact what appeared to be Saltarian cruiser which had crashed into the desert.

The crew carefully made their way to the crashed ship which had been severely damaged in the crash.

Once inside, the crew fought off several four-foot long beetles which the professor said resembled Arc Beetles he had seen on Polaris VII. Arc Beetles were deadly insects which could kill a human size prey with bolts of electricity shot from their antennas.

Having dealt with the beetles, everyone took time to search the ship.


Garett Sloane

Eugene “Ram” Ramsey

Professor Albert Mars


Dr. Randy “Rad” Adam Daniels

Dr. Pamela Eckland




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